AIG Travel Guard

Possessing the right travel insurance can save you a great deal of trouble should any unexpected emergencies occur. You shouldn’t always choose the cheapest travel insurance plan you can find. You might end up with a dud if you make your decision based on price alone. You do have to do the research to find out what each travel insurance plan covers and what it doesn’t.


  • All Omega Tours customers and partners are entitled to a 10% discount off the regular AIG Travel Guard Plan.
  • This discount is available for single trip coverage only and not annual multi-trip coverage.
  • This discount is applicable to classic, superior and premier plans for individual and/or family
  • All terms and conditions relevant to the travel insurance policy as set aside by AIG Travel Guard apply.
  • All claims will be handled directly by AIG.
  • Payment is made directly through the special dedicated web-page using credit card only.


  • Please click the following link Omega_AIGTravelGuard to proceed to buy your travel insurance.
  • Follow the instructions to get a quotation for the coverage for your trip. The quotation given includes the discount.
  • If you would like to proceed with the policy, just continue with payment using your credit card.
  • Your policy and confirmation will be sent via email to your nominated email address.

As a licensing condition of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), it is recommended for all travellers to consider purchasing travel insurance against any failure or disruption in the provision of the travel product arising out of any insolvency.