Greece, also known as the cradle of Western civilisation (where democracy, Western philosophy and literature, major scientific and mathematic principles, among others were birthed), is more than just a beautiful scenic country often portrayed in shades of pristine white and blue.

Greece is also home to the noteworthy route that Apostle Paul took to spread the message of Christ in a time when polytheism (worship of multiple deities) was practised. During his missionary journey in Greece, Paul preached the news of Jesus in many coastal cities and trade route towns, including SamothraceKavala (Neapoli)PhilippiAmphipolis-ApolloniaThessalonikiVeriaAthens, and Corinth.

Apostle Paul visited Veria (historically known as Berea) and preached the gospel as recorded in Act 17.

Paul’s missionary journeys and experiences are recorded in the New Testament through the books of Acts and his letters to the churches. The purpose of all Paul’s missionary journeys was the same: proclaiming God’s grace in forgiving sin through Christ.

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Philippi was the first European city in which Paul preached. Lydia, a merchant from Thyatira, became the first convert in Europe (Acts 16:13-15).

Archaeological Site of Philippi / Photo by Achilleas Savopoulos


On reaching Thessalonica, Paul and Silas went about preaching in the Jewish synagogue on three consecutive Sabbaths but some of the Jews became jealous. They gathered scoundrels from the agora and caused a riot. Paul and Silas were forced to escape from Thessalonica (Acts 17:2-9).

White Tower, the symbol of the city


Paul made a famous speech to reason with the Athenians who had erected an altar with the inscription “to an unknown God” at the Areopagus (Mars Hill) as chronicled in Acts 17:15-34.

Mars Hills


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