Judean Foothills

The Shephelah

About Judean Foothills​

The Shephelah is the lowland or foothills that separate the central highlands from the coastal plains.

It is green rolling hills, interrupted with many ruins from ancient times and springs that are converted into pools where many go to relax and cool off during the summer.

The valleys of Shephelah are filled with history and biblical stories.

During biblical times, the valleys were the gateway to the cities such as Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the central hill country. David defeated Goliath in Elah Valley. The Amorites and Israelites fought in the Ayalon Valley on the day the sun stood still.

The Judean Foothills has many trailed routes that cross the hills and valleys.

Its valleys are fertile and ideal for planting, farming and winemaking. The soft hills crowned with grassy meadows are a perfect home for many plants and animals.

The Caves of Maresha and Bet-Guvrin in the Judean Lowlands are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Among the many caves in the area, there are about 800 bell caves, many are connected by passageways. Some of these spacious and cool caves are used as concert venues.


  • Explore the ancient, fortified city of Tel Lachish that was second in importance only to Jerusalem.
  • Visit Beth Shemesh where the ark of the covenant came when it was returned by the Philistines.
  • See the stunning panoramas of Jerusalem Mountains, Shephelah and Coastal Plain at Tel Azekah.
  • Learn more about Israel’s tanks and armoured brigades at Latrun Tank Museum.
  • Trace Jesus’s footsteps along Emmaus Trail, ideal for those looking for a slightly off the beaten track outing.
  • Journey to the Elah Valley and see where the epic battle of David and Goliath took place.
  • See all of Israel in miniature form at Mini Israel Park, a great attraction for all ages.

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