Upper Galilee

and the Golan

About Upper Galilee and the Golan

The Upper Galilee is Israel’s Little Tuscany.

It is enchanting and an inherently serene area. The green countryside, wineries, fruit orchards, leisure pursuits and the relaxed atmosphere have attracted city dwellers, adventurous travellers and international visitors.

The Upper Galilee has a myriad of places of interest.

There are national parks, moshavim farming communities, beautiful nature reserves, amazing landscapes, holy places, picturesque towns, historic ruins and biblical sites.

The Upper Galilee is a region of hills overlooking nature reserves and beauty spots.

Israel’s largest waterfall is in the Nahal Hermon Nature Reserve. For water hikes in the summertime, Nahal Snir Nature Reserve is a great choice. Bird watching is popular in the Hula Valley with Israel being a major migratory route for birds.

The Golan is tranquil and has Mount Hermon, Israel’s tallest mountain peak.

Many battles have been fought on this land and visitors can still see the remains on the deserted battlefields of the Golan Heights. Thousands of people head to Mount Hermon for snow and skiing during the winter.


  • Watch Griffon vultures soar majestically over the valley below Gamla Nature Reserve.
  • Explore Tel Dan, one of the largest tells in Israel with the remains of a 5,000-year-old city.
  • Visit the area of Caesarea Philippi where Jesus bestowed authority upon Peter to build His church.
  • Soak in the stunning views of Golan Heights from Mount Bental, now a disused Israeli army out-post.
  • Experience what daily life in the time of the Talmud would be at Katzrin Talmudic Village.
  • Look over the Valley of Tears, the scene of one of the bloodiest battles during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.
  • Enjoy horseback riding, hiking, ATV and jeep rides at Kibbutz Merom Golan.

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