About Netanya

The city of Netanya, also known as the Israeli Riviera, is on the northern Mediterranean coast of the Sharon coastal plain of Israel. It is rich in greenery, decorated with fountains and sculptures. It features a wide number of war memorials, chic galleries and worthy museums.

Netanya History

Netanya was founded in 1928 by an American-Jewish merchant and philanthropist Nathan Straus. At the time, it began as a small agricultural settlement (moshav) devoted to citrus cultivation which soon became famous for its rich fruit plantations. The city is now primarily a centre for tourism and diamond cutting and polishing. Today, Netanya is a true resort town filled with entertainment, restaurants and various outdoor events and festivals.

Netanya Attractions

This seaside town boasts of fine sand beaches and lively atmosphere. The sunny weather makes it perfect for going down to Poleg Beach and get a perfect tan and foodie fix. A series of promenades runs parallel to the beach with stores, cafes and marine sports facilities. The Netanya Square gives the city centre a colourful look and a metropolitan feel. The Museum of Yemenite Jewish Heritage tells the story of Yemenite Jewish immigration and settlement in Israel. The Victory Monument in the city centre commemorates the triumph of the Red Army that successfully defeated the Nazi Germany during WWII.

Interesting Facts

    • Netanya means “the God’s gift”.
    • Netanya is home to many diamond-cutters and polishers who came to Israel primarily from Belgium before and during WWII. Israel is one of the world’s largest exporters of diamonds.
    • Nathan Straus was the owner of Macy’s department store in New York at the turn of 20th  century.

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