Let’s travel to Greece in 2023!

Greece is blessed with an exceptionally beautiful nature and striking landscape. Greece has a long history and innumerable stunning monuments to prove it. It was in Ancient Greece that philosophy has its roots, where democracy was born, where theatre came to life, and it was home to both the ancient and the modern Olympic Games.


UNESCO world heritage sites

Greece offers the world over 100 outstanding archaeological sites, with theatres, public assembly buildings, temples, public markets, revealing a history exceeding 5,000 years. Greece is home to some very interesting UNESCO world heritage sites: the beautiful monasteries in Meteora, the amazing Acropolis in Athens, the Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki and the many archaeological sites scattered all over the country.



Greek Islands

The thought of Greece conjures up images of the islands and the splendid beaches. Santorini is probably the most famous island in all of Greece. Greece has also some incredibly beautiful sunsets and crystal blue waters. Aboard the Aegean Cruise is one of the best ways to explore the different islands at every port.



In The Footsteps of Paul

Greece is also home to the noteworthy route that Apostle Paul took to spread the word of God in a time when polytheism was practised. This route comprises of places such as Kavala (Neapolis), Philippi, Thessaloniki, Veria, Athens, and Corinth.


St Paul's Tribune, Veria

Discover Greece with 3 Nights Iconic Aegean Cruise

Join us and tour across the endless blue seas and extraordinary mountain ranges of Greece, on foot and aboard the Aegean Cruise.

Tour dates: 12 Mar 2023, Sunday – 22 Mar 2023, Wednesday

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