About Haifa

Built along the Mediterranean and atop the Carmel Range, Haifa is often referred to as the “Capital of the North”. Its combination of amazing bay views, beaches, industrial areas, hilly quaint neighbourhoods, delicious food and a variety of cultural activities all year round makes Haifa one of Israel’s favourite tourist destination.

Louis Promenade

Known as “the Balcony of the Country” or simply as “The Taleyet” by locals, the promenade was built by a Haifa couple in memory of their son Louis Ariel Goldschmidt who was killed in a car accident. It makes a nice walk through the Mediterranean woods with benches and pergolas for a break and with views across the Port of Haifa extending up to Rosh Hanikra.

German Colony

It is a historic area established by the German Templars in the 1860s. Ben-Gurion Avenue is beautifully stone-paved and lined with charming 19th century houses with distinct, red-shingled roofs and quotes from the Bible in German over the doors. Today, the Templar houses are converted to boutique hotels, art galleries and restaurants.


International Film Festival is Haifa’s largest annual cultural event that runs for one week in September. The city transforms into a party city with over a hundred of films of all genres shown. Haifa also hosts the annual “Holiday of Holidays” festival that celebrates the Jewish, Christian and Muslim festivals in December.

Interesting Facts

  • Haifa is Israel’s third largest city and one of the country’s main port towns.
  • The Carmelit Underground train, Israel’s only subway system, travels from the Downtown Haifa to the Carmel Centre. The city downtown is characterized as an active business centre. Hadar neighbourhood is a young and vibrant residential area. Carmel Centre is where most of the hotels and entertainment are concentrated.
  • German Templars believed by returning to Israel they could hasten the Second Coming of Christ. They built seven colonies in Israel. Their support of the Nazi movement led to their expulsion by the British who ruled Israel at the time.

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