Why Visit Greece

Considered the birthplace of Western civilization. Greece has a history dating back millennia and there are plenty of antiquities, archaeological sites and monuments of distinctive prestige to explore throughout this mythical, magical country.

Biblical sites in Greece.  Paul’s second missionary journey was the critical point in the religious history of Greece. He came to spread the Gospel and taught the people about Jesus at a time when the Greeks worshipped deities. It is the journey that introduced the Word of God to Europe, that founded the first churches into European soil and that converted a pagan but faithful country into the first Christian country in Europe.

Greece has it all. It is blessed with rugged mountains, sun-bleached temples, statue-stuffed museums, pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, time worn towns, green valleys, quiet lakes and lush forests.

Island Hopping. If you are looking for variety, the Greek island is the place to find it. The Greek islands are blessed with a beautiful Mediterranean climate. They are popular for their beaches, bays, caves, ancient villages, monasteries and world-class museums.



Mars Hill





  • Stop at the town of Kavala where Paul first set foot on European soil.
  • Visit the ancient ruins in Philippi and see the crypt where Paul was imprisoned.
  • Trace the life of Apostle Paul in the ancient Corinth where he lived and preached for two years.
  • Be awed at Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is famous for its rock formation that houses six monasteries.
  • See world-famous Acropolis in Athens and walk down to reach Areopagos where Apostle Paul preached his famous gospel to the Athenians.
  • Stand at the sport in Veria where it is said that Paul stood and preached.
  • Take an optional Aegean cruise to the fascinating Greek islands such as Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Mykonos.

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