Everyone has their own style when it comes to travelling. Whether you’re travelling with friends and family or if you choose to go solo, there is never a right or wrong way to do things. However, there are some differences if you choose to participate in either a private or a group tour.


Group Tour

A group tour with a fixed departure date offers you the opportunity to meet new people along the way and mix with like-minded travellers, in some cases, from all over the globe. If guests were attracted to the same itinerary, chances are you will have something in common. You will share a tour guide and a bus driver, but their special treatment makes you feel like part of a friendly family. With a group of any size, there is bound to be time spent on waiting and herding participants of the tour. The itinerary is set well in advance and is not available to be altered by participants. Typically, a group tour helps keep the tour price manageable when compared to a small, private tour.

Private Tour

It allows you to choose your own departure date and duration and tweak the itinerary according to your desires. It is exclusively for you and your travel party. You will have your own personal tour guide, with a private vehicle and driver. No other guests will join this tour so you can enjoy your privacy. It is also useful for those who need special care, including older relatives, young children or disabled travellers. This simply translates into greater flexibility, better comfort and personalised service. A private tour is usually costlier than a group tour. However, a private tour doesn’t just have to be for two. With sufficient numbers, this private tour can be arranged for a similar price to a group tour.

At the end of the day, your trip is up to you! Your decision should be based on what will work best for you and whoever you are travelling with. Consider what is most important to you as you travel. If you are interested in designing your own itinerary or discussing a private tour further, get in touch today with us.

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